Studies Found That Mouthwash Can Kill The Coronavirus in Just 30 Seconds

A Cardiff University study has shown that mouthwash can help people combat the virus, since it contains at least 0.07 per cent cetypyridinium-CPC, being capable of fighting the virus.

This probably means that mouthwash will soon become a key part of people’s daily routine. The report titled “The Virucidal Efficacy of Oral Rinse Components Against SARS-CoV-In Vitro” has to be further reviewed, but it supports another study that found that mouthwashes that contain CPC are effective in fighting against the coronavirus.

A clinical trial will now occur at the University of Wales in Cardif, where they’ll examine how effective is the mouthwash in reducing the levels of the coronavirus in the saliva of positive patients. The results from this study are expected to be published in early 2021.
The only UK mouthwash brand that has taken part in the 12-week clinical trial is “Dentyl”.

Professor David Thomas from Cardiff University, who leads the trial explains that although the in-vitro study is very encouraging, they need more clinical research.

“We need to understand if the effect of over-the-counter mouthwashes on the Covid-19 virus achieved in the laboratory can be reproduced in patients, and we look forward to completing our clinical trial in early 2021,” says Professor Thomas.

Specialist periodontologist, Dr Nick Claydon thinks that this research is very valuable and that if the the Cardiff University’s trial showed positive results, mouthwash will become a key addition to people’s routine, together with wearing masks and hand washing.

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