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They say men are naturally polygamous and women say it’s bullsh*t. When infidelity comes in between the relationship you could not help but ask yourself “why did my husband fall for another woman?”, “what went wrong?” or “what did I do wrong?” Those painful questions that you also didn’t know the answer.Well, the truth is, there is no definite reason why men tend to cheat, but below are some of the reasons why they opt to be unfaithful and check out other women instead of staying faithful and loyal to you.He is looking for a friend
As what they say “the kilig will fade but friendship will not”, if you do not have a strong friendship foundation with your husband, there is a tendency that he might look for a woman who could be his friend, someone who listens, and understand all his frustrations instead of just ignoring and nagging at him when times get tough.Men adore playing
He might be looking for someone who could be carefree and spontaneous. Marriage can put a lot of responsibility but he will still look for a woman who could be playful at times to break the tension, stress, and boredom.

He wants an independent woman
Despite having a commitment, men want a woman whose world does not only revolve around them as soon as they tied the knot. As ironic as it sounds but men has the tendency to chase something he can’t ever have.

He wants a happy woman
Yes, they want to make women happy but when the marriage gets in a hopeless situation he seeks to make another woman happy He’s seeking to make someone else happy because he doesn’t think he can do the same for you.

He is looking for something you don’t have
Sometimes there will come a time that men would realize that the woman that they marry isn’t really the one they are looking for. Yes, it’s awful but it happens in reality which led men to cheat and find the woman that they really want to be with and unfortunately, it is someone different from you.

He hates tears
A selfish reason is that men cheat because they hate feeling guilty and responsible for your pain and suffering so instead of dealing with it every day, they turn and run away from such drama.

Although these reasons are hard to read and to believe we have to accept the fact that men and women are totally different and remember that genuine behavior the key to a long-lasting relationship.

Here Are 10 Things That Appear In Your Dream Have A Secret Meaning In Real Life. You Must Know It!!!

A dream is successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.[1] The content and purpose of dreams are not definitively understood, though they have been a topic of scientific speculation, as well as a subject of philosophical and religious interest, throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is called oneirology.

A good night’s sleep is always a good thing, isn’t it? Dreams, the inevitable part of sleep, are considered as another dimension which is uncontrolled by the mind. Additionally, some people even believe that dreams are closely connected to the real life, and, what’s more, they contain hidden messages.

It is considered that dreaming these 10 things has a specific meaning. Take a look:


  • Dreaming boxes means that there is a secret which your subconscious is trying to unravel.
  • If the box is empty, this could indicate disappointment in real life, whereas a box being opened means that you want to share your secrets with others.


  • Falling in your dreams means that you might be losing control in real life and you fear failure.


  • Dreams with cats mean strength- the subconscious is giving you signs that there is a connection in the spirituality.


  • This means that you are very close with the people you love and your relationship with them is very strong.
  • Also, this could mean that there are people who are pressuring you and trying to cause you problems.


  • Dreaming hair means that your subconscious is giving you ideas on how to express yourself to your partner.


  • This means that you are probably a risk-taker in real life.


  • If you dream of flying, it could indicate that you are making, or thinking about making a significant decision in your life.


  • This symbolizes your desire to travel and the need to achieve your goals, dreams, and desires.


  • Probably, there is some problem that worries you and keeps you stuck in a situation.
  • Understand this dream as a sign to keep moving.


  • You are satisfied and happy with your current situation in life.

5 Reasons A Narcissist Can’t Stay In A Relationship

Narcissism is considered a personality disorder that falls in cluster B of theDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Its cause is unknown but experts have attributed its development in an individual to genetics and the social environment around them.

Described in 1925 by Austrian psychiatrist Robert Waelder, treating people diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) might often prove futile because most of them would not even acknowledge that they have a personality problem.

Whether they realize it or not, narcissists have a difficulty in relating to people in the most intimate way. A lot of their romantic relationships fail for many reasons. They don’t seem to be wired to be in a committed, mutually beneficial relationship. Most narcissists also seem to be estranged from their family even if they believe their relationships with their parents, siblings, or children are okay.

People with NPD, however, have very predictable behaviors. They develop similar patterns across their various relationships because they do the same things over and over. For this reason, it’s easy to recognize the signs and come to understand why a narcissist rarely lasts in a long-term relationship


Narcissists are not capable of genuinely caring for other people but only for themselves. They might be able to “fall in love” in a dizzying and exciting way at the beginning of the relationship but it won’t have the depth and dynamism that long-lasting unions need to last.

  • Narcissists take advantage of people’s feelings and resources like tools to use until they no longer need these people in their lives.
  • You will feel emotionally and mentally spent when you’re with a narcissist because they will encroach on your personal space and drain your energy.
  • Since they’re not capable of a give-and-take relationship, the concept of compromising is non-existent to a narcissist.
  • If you’re in a relationship with this kind of person, you will always be the one trying to adjust to what he wants because he will not give in – even the slightest – to what you want.
  • When a narcissist gives you something, be aware that it is not meant to please you. In fact, you should be wary when a narcissist is being nice and giving. This action is likely for their own gain.

Narcissists are neither kind nor generous if there is nothing in it for them. They only invest in you if they are positive they can get something from you. This is a classic user mentality.


A study in the journalPersonality and Social Psychology revealed that narcissists can be compelled to participate in a charitable act and show compassion. But they have specific boundaries to these actions. They serve as a self-projection or self-promotion rather than true altruism. Many philanthropists who are self-centered and self-involved still give millions in donations because they know that they will be admired for it. If they stop being “generous,” they risk losing the adulation of their audience.

When a narcissist can no longer gain anything from you, they won’t think twice about dropping you. Hence, they don’t have a lot of people that stay in their life for the long-term.


It seems that narcissists have a different view of the world around them. They can have ideals that are so unrealistic that it’s hard for them to remain in a relationship where there are problems and conflicts to deal with.

These people want to maintain a lifestyle and image that can stroke their egos. They value a status that makes them feel important, which is why they have high standards and high demands when it comes to looking for a mate. They mainly search for a “trophy” spouse and not a partner they can truly nurture in a loving and supportive relationship.

It’s not the goal of a narcissist to forge a mutual relationship where both partners can grow together, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. Narcissists have their eye on self-enhancement only; they hook up with people they know will be able to satisfy this need.

When their relationship runs into a problem, as eventually occurs in real life, a narcissist will bail on their partner. Because they are so idealistic, little flaws about their partner or the relationship can become a big problem for them. Nothing is ever good enough for a narcissist, which immediately discounts them from finding a relationship that will last. Again, no relationship is perfect.

  • If you’re living with a narcissist, you will always have to up your game and try to satisfy his needs just to make him happy.
  • You will work hard until you’re too exhausted to think positive thoughts and keep the relationship intact. You won’t, however, see the same effort from a narcissist.
  • They will continue to have fantasies in their head about the perfect life or the perfect marriage without realizing they also have to work hard to get this kind of life.


Trust is a vital aspect for any relationship. This virtue is almost biological because humans seem to be wired to trust someone as soon as they are born into this world.

As children, we place our trust in our parents to provide for us. When we grow older, we learn to trust our teachers and friends to enrich our lives. As we mature, we also learn to trust in the laws of the universe and the laws of our community.

But we can all be paranoid in this complex world. When we experience overwhelming pain and disappointments, we either deal with it or learn to never trust again.

It’s different for a narcissist, though, because they can be emotionally stunted by their experiences and their environment, as per a study in the journal Behavioral Medicine. This perhaps explains why they view trusting another person in a different way. For them, trust exposes their weaknesses so they can never commit to a relationship.


  • They don’t comprehend that trust also involves becoming vulnerable.
  • They don’t understand that trust is how partners in a supportive relationship can be deeply connected to each other.
  • Trust allows couples to forge an attachment that enables them to depend and rely on the other person. This is especially true when one or the other needs comfort, assurance, and assistance.
  • Secure attachments built on trust brings out what’s positive in the relationship, especially if the two people involved know how to balance each other.

When you are in a relationship with a narcissist, however, it is already imbalanced from the start. Since they cannot trust, they will also try to influence you to think their way. They might even dissuade you from being in touch with other people whom they think do not have their best interests in mind. This is how they manifest their vulnerabilities and fears. You might not see this right away because they are good at masking their motives.


In line with trust, narcissists like to control the people in their lives. They need to be dominant in the relationship because they are afraid to expose their vulnerabilities. So, they constantly have an angle or an agenda in order to sustain this dominance. Because of their drive for control, they end up manipulating others.

  • They will lie, cover up, or exaggerate details to distort the facts in their favor.
  • They will always want to feel superior by bragging or taking credit but they will rarely admit their mistakes or flaws.
  • Narcissists are affected by criticism and may use tactics like the silent treatment or passive-aggression to manipulate the situation.
  • They enjoy bending the rules and getting away with it but they will find someone to blame (other than themselves) if ever they are caught.
  • They refuse to recognize accountability.

These narcissistic behaviors bring chaos into a relationship; sometimes you can’t help but think they could be causing trouble just because they want to. Unfortunately, this is also a classic narcissistic trait. They deliberately incite trouble due to lack of empathy and value for the people around them. People are just tools for them, after all.


A study in the journal Sex Roles cited that male narcissists have the tendency to be hostile and abusive towards the women in their lives. In fact, they are capable of committing domestic violence if they are denied gratification.

They can also show aggression against the LGBTQ community but, as experts explained, it’s not because they have a problem with genders per se. It’s because they have a problem with anyone who will reject them.

Not all abusive people are narcissists, however, and not all narcissists are men. According to the study, there are female narcissists who are just as abusive as men. The odds of abuse increase if you’re in a relationship with a narcissist with these common characteristics:

  • Fragile egos
  • A penchant for using people
  • Habits of manipulating people
  • Lack of empathy for others
  • Inflated sense of self-importance
  • Domineering personality


Can narcissists ever find true love? Because of their disorder, they may not be able to fully give and experience true, selfless love in their adult relationships. When someone lives only for himself, it will be harder to find happiness and contentment.

It’s also not easy to sustain a life like this if their happiness comes from external sources. A narcissist will likely not find true and lasting love unless they understand that this entails teamwork and partnership.

It’s toxic to be in a relationship with a narcissist. Often, the only solution is to be free from such an unhealthy union. You cannot be truly happy if you have a manipulative and controlling person in your life who doesn’t value your worth. This is not a positive relationship when you know you deserve more.

It’s not going to be the end of the world when you eventually see through a narcissist and decide enough is enough. When the chips are down, you’ll realize you actually gain the control that belongs to you when a narcissist no longer exerts negative power over you.

5 Reasons Why Men Leave Women They Love

Relationships are, at times, unpredictable. The back and forth banter in a man’s mind greatly influences every decision concerning relationships. It is possible to be in an incredible relationship with a man who shows nothing but adoration for a woman only to wake up to the news that the man is no longer interested in the relationship. Before a majority of men arrive at such a decision, they will have considered every angle to the relationship, most likely without consulting anyone. This is why such decisions leave some women dumbstruck and with a myriad of questions about what could have gone wrong.

Only when a person probes into the issues affecting them does a man begin to open up and reveal what hurts their feelings. Some women laugh it off when a man begins to share their feelings of depression or hopelessness. This is probably because most of the time, men communicate by displaying anger but rarely get into the specifics of the particular issues that hurt their feelings. This article seeks to demystify why men leave women they love.


Men find it incredibly challenging to build a life with a woman who shows little to no respect for them. In the contemporary society, many women misconstrue respect for a man for submission. Respect is not about the weaker or stronger sex and men wish women would understand this fact. Respect is crucial for any relationship to work. Partners should always show respect towards one another and appreciate each person’s uniqueness.

A man cannot feel loved or develop trust in a woman who continually disrespects him. Men often need to feel like their opinion matters. Additionally, they need to feel like the woman they love always has their back. The effect of ingrained respect in a relationship is two-fold. A highly respectful woman inspires a man to take greater risks knowing that he can achieve anything while still enhancing the commitment and tenderness the man has towards a woman.

If a man allows himself to be vulnerable and loves a woman, then he is aware that the woman will see his weaknesses. It is essential for a woman to show that she accepts the man with all his shortcomings, as the lack of respect is one of the reasons why men leave women they love.


Relationships evoke a lot of emotion. It is possible for such emotions to overwhelm a woman to the point that it affects the stability of a relationship. Some men are not equipped to handle high-level emotions and typically become distant due to the intensity of emotions. In contrast, some men can handle such situations. Mature men show a sense of calmness and often avoid unraveling when emotions run high. Maturity in a man instills stability in a relationship.

However, there are instances when even mature men are pushed beyond their limits and end up becoming distant. It is essential for couples to learn how to communicate more effectively to avoid emotions overpowering every disagreement or discussion. Therefore, an emotionally charged relationship is a potential cause of conflict and is one of the reasons why men leave women they love.


Feelings of inadequacy usually go hand-in-hand with the lack of respect. If a woman is overly aggressive and always wants to fix things in the relationship, then a man could feel pressured into thinking he is not good enough. Additionally, overly demanding women, and those who get into the habit of telling a man to try harder (e.g., during intimate moments), can make a man feel trampled on. Men find that the only way to handle such pressure is to run. Men who are always under pressure at home usually feel like they are never good enough and could easily block their hearts and minds. Subsequently, the man completely avoids facing his fears of inadequacy.

Some women drive their men to an abyss of inadequacy by forcing their partners to live above their means and by having too many expectations. For example, if a woman insists on getting a $1000 necklace even when her partner cannot afford it at the moment, then it is hardly surprising when the man begins to look for a way out. It is like cornering a terrified cat. The cat eventually finds a way out even if it means hurting the attacker on the way out.


If a man always seems like he is competing for control in the relationship, then it only seems prudent to leave. A majority of men prefer a relationship where both partners complement one another as opposed to one controlling the other. Men prefer working together and not competing with their partners.


A majority of men often feel unloved if intimacy is left on the backburner in a relationship. If a woman consistently makes excuses not to be intimate with a man, then the man begins to feel dejected and likens the woman to a glorified roommate. The man could start getting misconstrued ideas about a woman’s priorities. Some women dress well for work or night-outs with their girls but fail to put in any effort around their men. This sends the message that the man means nothing in the relationship.

Drink Lemon Water Every Day, But Don’t Make The Same Mistake As Millions!

Lemon water is extremely beneficial drink that boosts your energy. Drinking a glass of lemon water in the morning has become a habit for many people.

This drink is the healthiest way to start your day and it’s recommended by health experts and dietitians. That’s why you should incorporate the lemon water in your daily diet.  Lemons are good for your overall. They are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals and vitamins. Lemons have antiviral, antibacterial and immune-boosting properties and build up your immunity, making your body more resistant to all kinds of infections and diseases.

What happens when you drink lemon water on an empty stomach?

Drinking lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach has many benefits. Including this drink in your diet on a regular basis can make your food cravings disappear, improve your digestion and create an alkaline environment, which is very important for your overall health. It will also boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.

Do you prepare the lemon water the right way?

We all know the advantages of drinking lemon water, but are you preparing it the right way? One of the most common mistakes people make when preparing lemon water is that they don’t use the lemon peels. Actually, the lemon peel is the most beneficial part of the lemon, since it contains the most valuable nutrients. So, the next time when preparing this beneficial drink, don’t forget to add the lemon peels.

Here is the best recipe for lemon water

First, make sure to use organic lemons. Grab 2 lemons and slice them into pieces. Then, squeeze the juice from half of them. Grate the peel as well from the same slices. In a cup put the rest of the lemon slices and pour some warm water over them. Add the lemon juice with the grated peels and mix everything well. Consume the drink on an empty stomach.


Many women have a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome, otherwise known as PCOS, without even knowing it. Often times, candidates with PCOS experience irregular periods and increased facial hair and acne, particularly in the chin, lip, and sideburns.

This is the result of a hormone imbalance, and that often — but not always — PCOS causes cysts to form right on the ovaries.

These cysts aren’t harmful, but they do lead to hormone imbalances that can cause infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods, excess hair growth, acne and obesity. It’s also important to get a diagnosis of PCOS early on so it doesn’t lead to long-term complications like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

What causes PCOS?

Doctors don’t know what exactly causes polycystic ovary syndrome, but there are a few theories about certain risk factors:

– Excess insulin: Too much insulin might affect the ovaries by increasing androgen production (male hormones), which could ultimately interfere with the ovaries’ ability to ovulate correctly.

– Low-grade inflammation: Studies have shown that women who have PCOS also have low-grade inflammation, which causes polycystic ovaries to produce androgens.

– Heredity: PCOS can run in families, so if your mother or sister has it, you have a greater chance of getting it, too.


The signs and symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome start soon after a woman begins her period, but PCOS can also develop during the later reproductive years. There are many signs to look out for; however, individuals might be affected differently, and the symptoms worsen with obesity.

The Mayo Clinic and WebMD say you should look out for the following symptoms:

1. Irregular periods 

This is one of the most common signs of PCOS. Some examples include periods that are on a 35-day or longer cycle, fewer than eight periods a year, long or heavy periods and a failure to menstruate for four months or longer.

2. Excess facial and body hair

You might find increased hair growth on your chin, chest, back, stomach and even toes.

3. Moodiness 

You might experience depression or mood swings that seem out of character.

4. Acne

PCOS can also cause acne or very oily skin. Pimples might be very deep and painful

5. Insulin-level issues

Excess insulin interferes with the ovaries’ ability to ovulate correctly.Treatment

Treating PCOS is different for everybody. Your doctor may prescribe lifestyle changes like diet and exercise to help lose weight. Your doctor might also prescribe birth control to help regulate your period and to decrease androgen production.Each patient is different, though, so if you recognize any of the symptoms, you should talk to your doctor to get a diagnosis and learn the best way to treat your PCOS and symptoms.


Мost of us are on our feet all day. Our poor feet are encased in shoes for terribly long stretches of time, they often become strained, blistered, and painful.

For those who are looking for easy ways to relieve foot pain and to make sure their shoes also remain in tip-top shape, we’ve got just the solutions for you.

In an exclusive guide below, we’ll take a look at several ingenious methods for cleaning your shoes with ordinary household products, and for preventing foot pain while wearing shoes.



Take the “rub” out of rubber flip flops.


And much less falling down.


Sounds weird? Using medical tape relieves strain on the nerve between toes three and four, preventing pain in the ball of your foot.


Squeaking is usually caused by parts of the shoe rubbing against each other. Just lift the inner sole of the shoe and sprinkle baby powder underneath.


Decrease friction and increase your ability to dance all night.


Cut out the cobbler with your very own shoe stretcher. Plus, it’s super weird looking.


Bonus hack: Use rubbing alcohol for a cheaper alternative to store-bought stretch spray.


Pubic shaving actually originated in ancient Egypt and Greece, when prostitutes had to shave for both hygienic reasons and as a clear sign of their profession. Although female body shaving was established as the norm between 1915 and 1945, pubic hair removal did not actually gain a strong foothold until the 1980’s.

However, a new study shows that 60 % of women had, at least, one health complication incurred from pubic hair removal, typically epidermal abrasion (invisible cuts to the skin) and ingrown hairs. It was also shown to cause severe skin irritation, infections and – according to an older study – increase the spread and transmission of STIs.

These are the real reasons why you should not remove your pubic hair:

Pubic hair helps control your body temperature.

We all know that hair helps regulate body temperature, but how exactly? Hair follicles help with sweating.

There is a sebaceous gland on each hair follicle which releases oils onto the hair, that in turn allows the oils go up to the skin’s surface. When this oil evaporates, it cools the skin because of its latent heat.

Pubic hair actually protects you.

The pubic hair protects you from diseases and skin problems. Among other protections, it helps to prevent foreign particles like dust and pathogenic bacteria from entering your body.

Pubic hair contains pheromones.

Scientists are of the belief that pubic hair retains secretions that are otherwise referred to as pheromones. This is what attracts us to each other. The body gives off more pheromones as you sweat and those secretions are retained in the pubic hair regions.

Higher risk for genital warts.

Genital warts are located near or at the private areas. Warts appear as bumps or growths. They tend to be whitish or flesh colored. Many times a person with genital warts doesn’t know that he or she has it. If you remove your pubic hair, you are putting yourself at a higher risk of contracting genital warts.

You are more likely to catch molluscum contagiosum (viral infection).

Shaving or waxing your pubic hair increases your risk of contracting a viral infection. Research has shown that hairless genitals may provide an opportunity for s*xually transmitted diseases like molluscum to take hold, with shaving showing the strongest association. Molluscum contagiosum is spread easily, and it has been suggested that the virus may have spread primarily through self-infections caused by scratching skin irritated by shaving.

It causes skin problems in your private area.

Removal of pubic hair naturally irritates the hair follicles, leaving microscopic open wounds. Frequent hair removal is necessary to stay smooth, causing regular irritation of the shaved or waxed area. Many doctors say it is not unusual to find patients with boils and abscesses on their genitals from shaving as well as cellulitis, an infection of the scrotum. Being on the private parts, these skin issues are often more uncomfortable than they would be upon other parts of the body.

Hair removal is more dangerous for overweight women.

The new American study found that complications were twice as likely for overweight or obese women, and three times more likely if they removed all their pubic hair because, for larger women, their skin will be closer together.

Even with these risks laid out, it’s entirely personal preference – you just need to be aware of the risks. Some cultures have been doing it for centuries. If you’re worried about an infection, go and see your doctor, otherwise, you don’t really need to discuss it with a GP.”

You Are NOT Fat! You Only Have ‘Poop’ Stuck In Your Belly!

You are surely familiar with the recommended dosage of water every day. Of course, it is important to stay hydrated. Therefore, consuming ‘watery’ foods and drinking plenty of water can be the key to losing a lot of weight.

The ‘watery’ foods you should consume are fruits, vegetables, like greens and melon that contain a huge amount of health benefits. Furthermore, they will provide your body with the energy it needs in order to keep the body healthy.

In other words, you need enough fluid in your body to prevent constipation, bloating, and water retention. Therefore, try consuming 8 glasses of water to prepare your body for the most amazing remedy for losing weight.

Or in this case, relieving constipation, bloating and food retention.

Sassy Water

The best and most ideal remedy for solving this problem is Sassy Water. Plus, it has a more interesting taste than plain water. Furthermore, the ingredients that it contains can soothe and calm the GI tract. This is crucial for keeping the body healthy.

Besides, everyone who has problems with their belly tries to find the easiest way to reduce it. That is where Sassy Water comes in. It contains no calories, and it can boost digestion and balance the equilibrium.

Plus, it is even a part of a ‘Flat Belly Diet’ which was invented by Cynthia Sass. This diet focuses on water consumption as the main way to lose weight. Here is the recipe for making Sassy Water

  • 2 liters of water
  • 1 sliced lemon into rounds
  • 12 small mint leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger
  • one peeled and sliced cucumber

Put all the ingredients in a big pitcher and mix them well. Let them sit overnight in the fridge so that the healthy compounds will merge. After your drink is ready, drink at least 4 glasses per day during the entire day.

For best and fastest results, try drinking a glass of this remedy every morning on an empty stomach. After the first two hours, you will feel that you have lost 1 pound. According to nutritionists, consuming this type of water can regulate the metabolism and digestive system.

Furthermore, it is great for someone who usually practices physical activities.

Important note: This drink is not recommended for nursing or pregnant women. Also, people who are allergic or have stomach problems should never consume this drink. But, if you are healthy, feel free to try it out.

8 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing In Her Relationship

8 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing In Her Relationship

No one is perfect and no one has the perfect relationship. We all have things that we need to work on and things we can do better in our personal lives and relationships. Men are far from perfect and have things they could work on improving, but the same goes for women. In order to have a happier, more fulfilling relationship, read on to find out what things women should refrain from doing.


Men can get just as self-conscious as women if they think their woman has eyes for someone else. Think about how you would react if you caught your man staring at or flirting with another woman. So, with that in mind, would you really blame your man for getting angry when you do the same thing? Most men won’t really care if you think another man is attractive, but talking about it with your significant other is probably not a good idea. Some things are better left unspoken in this case.


Strong women stand up for other women, not try to bring them down. Talking badly about others shows signs of insecurity and low self-esteem, so even if you feel inadequate in some way compared with another woman, try to remember your good qualities. It’s okay to sometimes admit to your significant other that you feel insecure, but talking badly about other women will not help the situation or increase your self-esteem.


If you did something wrong, of course you should apologize, but don’t say sorry unless you really need to. For example, you don’t need to apologize for wearing your PJ’s all day, not putting on makeup, or not cleaning the dishes one night. Learn to go easier on yourself, because lowering your stress will also benefit your relationship.


Every person on this planet needs a little time alone to rejuvenate and keep up other relationships as well. It’s not normal or healthy to only spend time with your significant other, so make sure you allow your partner the space he or she needs.


Don’t neglect your own friendships either. You need friendships just as much as your partner does, so make sure to nurture your other relationships, too. Strong friendships help rather than harm good long-term relationships, so try to strike a balance between the two.


Sure, answering one or two texts isn’t a problem, but staring at your phone the whole time you’re out with your partner will make them feel neglected. Spend quality time with your partner when you can get it, because relationships can’t work unless both people put in some effort. Referring to an old saying, “You should dance with the one that brought you.”


Men get jealous just like women do and want to feel like they’re the only person you’ve ever loved. Of course you can mention people you dated in the past, but talking about them all the time or comparing them to your current lover will only cause arguments and confusion in a relationship.


Everyone wants attention and for people to hear what they are saying. So, when your partner talks to you, put down the phone and really listen to what they have to say. You wouldn’t want your partner to ignore you or half-listen to you, so give them the same respect you would want.