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5 Signs You Might Be Depressed and Don’t Even Know It

Lots of people walk through life trying to hide their depression. Some people with hidden depression can conceal their depression like pros, masking their symptoms and putting on a “happy face” for most others.

People with concealed depression or hidden depression often don’t want to acknowledge the severity of their depressive feelings. They believe that if they just continue living their life, the depression will just go away on its own. In a few cases, this may work. But for most folks, it just drags out the feelings of sadness and loneliness.

Dealing with the black dog of depression through concealing one’s true feelings is the way many of us were brought up — we don’t talk about our feelings and we don’t burden others with our troubles. But if a friend or family member is going through something like this — trying to hide or mask their depression — these signs might help you discover what they’re trying to keep concealed.

1. You feel fatigue and don’t sleep (or sleep too much).

Depression strips you of your energy and makes you feel lethargic. You stop doing things you enjoy because you feel exhausted, and begin sleeping excessively, or not sleeping at all (insomnia).

2. Your emotions are all over the place.

One moment, you’re feeling irritable and going off on someone in a full display of anger. The next, you’re crying. Depression can swing your moods uncontrollably.

3. Your topics of conversation have turned morbid.

Suicides rarely come without the symptoms that show up beforehand. Depressed people will often talk about it. If you’re in the company of a good friend who has flipped the morbid switch to “on” and is now talking about death and dying, stay close and monitor him. He may be on the doorstep of a suicide attempt.

4. Your outlook on life has done a 180.

Having a hopeless or helpless outlook on life is the most common symptom of depression. Associated feelings of worthlessness, self-hate, or inappropriate guilt may be riding shotgun. You vocalize thoughts like “It’s all my fault,” and “What’s the point?”

5. You’ve lost interest in the things you enjoy.

Depression can rob you of the things you love, making you withdrawing from the very activities you once looked forward to — sports, socializing with friends, hobbies, etc.


What does it take for you to be happy in your relationship? If you are trying to improve your relationship or your marriage, then you are on the right place. Namely here in this article we will show you 10 Habits that Happy Couples have.

1. Go to bed at approximately the same time – just like you used to do at the beginning of your relationship. Therefore if you want to be one of the happy couples then you need to resist the temptation to go to bed at completely different times.

2. Have common interests – usually when the passion calms down, both of the partners realize that they have completely different interests. What you need to do if this happens to you? You must not minimize the importance of the activities that you do together and make sure that you spend as much time as possible doing the things you both enjoy.

3. Walk together holding hands or side by side – One thing you need to know is that happy couples walk comfortably holding hands or side by side. The most important thing is to be with your partner and not care about what other people are thinking or saying about you.

4. Trust your partner and be prepared to forgive each other – in most of the cases happy couples choose trust and forgiveness over distrust and scrimp.

5. Concentrate on the things your partner does well instead of concentrating on the things he does wrong – it all depends on what you want to look for, however one thing you need to know, happy couples always look at the positive side of their partner.

6. Hug each other as soon as you meet after work – happy couples are couples who hug each other when they meet.

7. Say “I love you” and “have a good day” to each other every morning – saying these simple things is a great way to buy some patience and tolerance. These words can really improve your relationship, especially when we know that our everyday lives are filled with stressful situations. 

8. Say ”good night” to each other every night – even though you were arguing earlier say these words to your partner when you go to bed. Namely these words will tell your partner that regardless of the discomfort and the conflict you still want to be in a relationship with them.

9. Make a “time” check during the day – spare some time of your busy schedule to call your partner at home or at work to see how is he. This way your partner will see that you care and you will improve your relationship or your marriage.

10. Be proud of your partner – you also need to know that happy couple are delighted to be seen together. They are proud of each other and they do not feel ashamed of their partner.

The most important thing in having a happy and peaceful relationship and live is conversation. Talk to each other about everything. Solve your problems through conversation. Be patient. Listen to your partner. Support him in everything. Bring new things and activities in your lives. Fascinate each other every day. Make sure you do all of these things and you will not have problems in your relationship and you will certainly be one of those Happy Couples.

Last but not least, make sure that you share this article with your friends and family, maybe you will help some couple find the key to maintaining a happy relationship.

10 Things to Tell Your Partner That Will Make Them Fall In Love Again

When you first fall in love, everything is bliss. But relationships aren’t just perpetual rainbows, butterflies, and happy feelings. If you and your partner aren’t putting an effort into keeping the sparks ignited and the love alive, the whole relationship could stagnate into an unsatisfying stalemate.

Even with a busy schedule, all it takes is a little extra effort and a few kind words to make your partner fall in love with you all over again. Showering your special someone with compliments and considerate phrases will surely give your relationship a boost.


“A great relationship is all about falling in love with the same person over and over again.” – Unknown

1.    “YOU’RE SO GOOD AT…”

Compliments seem like sweet nothings, but they can actually be very, very effective. Just taking a little time out to tell your partner that they’re doing great work can be incredibly rewarding for them. You’re acknowledging their efforts and their hard work!

You can also use these words to bolster your partner’s confidence. If there’s something you know your partner feels insecure about, say something nice to them.

For example, if your partner thinks they’re a bad cook and you like the meals they make, say so! Or tell them they’re improving when they do well. You get to support them, and they might just fall in love all over again.

Studies have even shown that compliments cause people to perform better at tasks. This means telling your partner they do a great job at an activity means they’ll return even better, more positive results the next time they do that activity!


Couples will go through all sorts of ups and downs in their lives. When you’re in it for the long run, the occasional bad time is sure to pass.

There may have been a death in your partner’s family. They might become seriously ill. They might face financial troubles, or lose a job. Don’t let them forget, through it all, that you love them and are cheering them on.

When you stand side by side with your partner and tell them you’re in this with them, they understand that you will stick by their side even during the worst of times. And if that won’t make someone fall in love again, what will?

3.    “THANK YOU FOR…”

Positive reinforcement is often all two parties need to encourage the other to do somewhat less enjoyable tasks.

  • Did your partner do the dishes?
  • Maybe they took out the trash?
  • Or maybe they’ve been working really hard to understand what you need when you’re stressed out?

All these efforts may seem little, but these are significant actions performed by a partner. So don’t forget to thank them! Be specific aboutwhy you’re grateful. Thank them for doing the laundry. Tell them you appreciate that they took time to understand your anger and remain gracious. Thank them for buying flowers.

Most of all, don’t neglect to make your partner feel appreciated. Assure them that you notice what they do and value their presence in your life!


Everything’s fine and dandy when you’re in the prime of youth. But as you grow older, insecurities may grow, too. You and your partner might notice extra wrinkles, a little more flab, or, simply, more signs of age.

Compliments about appearance might seem shallow, but they can greatly boost someone’s confidence. Show your partner that you are still attracted to them with meaningful statements, such as:

  • You’re so handsome.
  • Wow, you’re gorgeous!
  • You look beautiful.
  • When you walk into the room, I can’t help but stare.

Don’t forget to give these compliments even when your partner isn’t all dressed up. If you find them attractive as they lie on the couch in sweats, tell them. This shows that you’re truly attracted to the very essence of them and their looks, not just who they try to be. They’ll fall in love with you all over again!


Selflessness is vital in relationships. You want to show your partner that you can put their needs above yours. So when they’re stressed out, busy, or buried in piles of work, try asking how you can be of assistance.

Asking how you can help improve your partner’s day shows them that you truly care. You want to make them feel as good as they possibly can. What a wonderful message to send to a loved one!

6.    “I’M PROUD OF YOU.”

Sometimes, your partner may not feel like they’re doing a great job. Let them know that you believe they are.

  • Say you’re proud of them for the work they do.
  • Express your amazement at their skills.
  • A little honest flattery goes a long way!

In addition, if you’re proud of your partner’s accomplishments, don’t be shy about bragging about them to others. Telling others how amazing your partner is will assure the one you love that you want to show them off. It’s a wonderful feeling that will make them fall in love with you once more!


Feeling like your partner doesn’t support you can be an awful experience. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your partner is aware that you always have their back. No matter what comes for them, you’ll be standing right there, ready to fight with them.

Being in a relationship is like being in a team. You have to be there for each other, no matter what. Telling your partner that you are in it till the end and following through on your word is one of the most beautiful things you can do for them.


A busy schedule can keep partners away. Whenever you’re able to …

  • Touch base and ask your partner how their day went.
  • If you’re both hurrying by, check to ask how they are doing.
  • Listen to their answers, understand them, and empathize or sympathize to show you care.

This can mean a lot to a partner and make their entire day. It can remind them that you care about them and want to know about their well-being. According to NBC, this is a crucial form of positive communication in any relationship. It keeps you connected – and you might just fall in love more the more you do it.


Telling your partner that you are thinking of them is incredibly romantic. Send them a love song or poem that reminds you of them. Send them a random text during the day to say you’ve been missing them. It makes all the difference and can boost their mood and positive thinking.

See something in a store that makes you think of your partner? Take a picture and let them know! Even if you don’t buy the trinket, you’re telling your partner that they are on your mind. It doesn’t always have to something romantic; it can be funny, too. It’s a surefire way to make them fall in love with you just like they did before!


Whittling down someone’s to-do list can take a huge load off their shoulders. It’s also a physical way to prove your love to someone. Anyone can say words. Actions always speak louder. When you’re able to tell a partner what you’ve done to help them, it’s a glorious, positive combination!

Make the effort to do something your partner usually has to do. Or, if you know there’s an errand they have to run, do it in their stead and surprise them. It’s thoughtful, wholesome, and a great way to make them smile.


We always want to be establishing physical intimacy in our relationship in an effort to get closer to our partners. In this day and age, no relationship is ever going to survive when there is no intimacy – both on an emotional and physical level. And that’s why you can’t be afraid of getting touchy with your man. You shouldn’t underestimate a man’s willingness and need to be sensual. Yes, he’s going to go crazy over all of those subtle touches, the suggestive glances, the sweet caresses, the passionate kisses, and the tight hugs. These are all great physical manifestations of love and you should never be shy about showing them to your man. You never want to be the withholding of your feelings in your own relationship. You wouldn’t want your man to think that you are just taking him for granted. You always want him to feel like you are willing to work hard for his love.

So, make sure that you never limit yourself. Always be finding new ways to make him FEEL the love that he has for you. Be creative. Shake things up. Always be willing to do whatever it takes to preserve the level of passion, love, and intimacy in your relationship. You already know that he enjoys being touched by the woman that he loves. So, capitalize on that. And if you’re unsure how to get creative with it, then just refer to this article. You can start here so you can gain some ideas on how you can really touch your man and ignite that flame of physical intimacy in your relationship.


It’s a very subtle but very intimate gesture that he’s definitely going to enjoy most especially if he has messy hair, to begin with.


Just some slight nibbling is going to be enough to do the trick. Don’t be chomping down on him to the point of hurting him – unless of course, that happens to be what he likes.


A little tongue action while the two of you are Frenching is always going to be welcome. Don’t be afraid to play around with it a little bit. Get creative and respond to his advances. Give him healthy doses of aggression and gentleness just to mix things up.


Make it seem very intimate and discreet. Make him feel like there is a secret that you want to tell him. There are certain pleasures and sensations that arise as a result of being whispered to – and men absolutely love that.


There’s no denying that the touching of hands and feet can often lead to sex. There’s just something inherently sexy about the meeting of two peoples’ limbs.


Take not that not all guys are typically going to be into this – and it’s unlikely that guys will love it more than girls do. However, men’s nipples can still be very sensitive areas that will crave for some stimulation. Just try it out once to see if your man likes it.


If you happen to be making love to one another and he happens to be facing you, try to grab a hold of his sacrum – or in other terms, his lower back. You are adding support to the position that you’re in and it shows him that you are staying mindful of other aspects of his body with your hands especially.


This is a very suggestive gesture that is going to drive a lot of men crazy. When you run your hands, fingers, feet, lips, or tongue up his thigh, it’s going to make him wild. You are essentially suggesting to him that you want to go to the ultimate hotspot, but you stop just shy of it. It’s a tease but he’s going to be welcome to it.


Not a lot of women are familiar with the perineum and not guys may know this as well so that might make things a little more challenging at first. It’s the area of a man’s body that can be found just between his anus and his scrotum. This area is actually a very sensitive erogenous zone and a lot of men enjoy the pleasure of stimulation there.


You are probably familiar with the idea of a G spot. Of course, you are. You are a woman. But have you ever heard of a guy’s F spot? F actually stands for frenulum and most guys love to be stimulated in that area. It is actually the underside of his penis that is composed of loose skin. It should be shaped like a V and most pleasure centers are found at the tip of that V.

10 Things Women Look For In Men

Finding the right person is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack! Then again, it’s a small world and sometimes it just feels like there’s too much competition, too many choices, and not much we can do, not much we can customize. So, today’s burning question is, “What do women want from a man?” While it’s a difficult question to answer (as every woman’s tastes are different), knowing the answer holds the key to your happily ever after. There are generally positive characteristics in a man that women value so much. Check out some of those characteristics below:


For a woman, assertiveness in a man can be quite attractive. He’s sexy when he knows what he wants, he doesn’t buckle when challenges arise, and he doesn’t hesitate to put someone who’s offensive in his place. This attitude might come with a bit of an ego, but confidence can also be exuded in a good way. Though it caters to gender stereotypes, a study revealed that women like it when a man has dominant leadership qualities. In relationships, a man can be assertive if he openly tells a woman what he likes in the bedroom or what actions a woman does that really turn him or pleases him.


Women fall in love with a guy who is emotionally and financially stable and reliable. It’s not shallow for a woman to want a man with a well-paying job and a secure mindset, especially if he’s going to be the man who will raise kids with her. A stable guy shows responsibility. To a woman, this means that he’s not afraid of commitment and a long-term relationship that will have its ups and down. If this is in the cards, then everything else can fall into its proper place.


The mentality that women are inferior to men persists today, even though women have been fighting for equal rights for decades. If a man value’s a woman’s thoughts, opinions, and feelings, then women know he’s a keeper. Despite a man’s penchant for taking charge in a relationship, women love it if he regards his partner as an equal who decides things in the relationship together with him.


The ability to sustain stimulating conversations make men attractive to women. It’s a plus if he’s got a healthy sense of humor to boot. These characteristics show a man’s intelligence, rationality, and the ability to listen. This gives women a positive sense of how he’s able to manage the challenges and difficulties of a relationship. A sexy mind appeals to a woman more than a fat bank account or a handsome face.


Passion isn’t about how a man physically pleases a woman. Rather, it’s about motivation or what drives a man to pursue what he wants. If a man has passion, it means he has ambitions and goals in life. It’s a really positive draw for a woman if his passion isn’t something common to most people. For example, a woman should be so lucky to find a man with a passion to build houses with Habitats for Humanity or a similar life goal to serve the less fortunate.


Being kind and compassionate are two of the most attractive qualities a person can have. A guy who looks tough on the outside but has a soft spot for animals or the elderly is going to win a lot of points with women. Compassion breeds empathy, respect, positive thoughts, and selflessness, and there’s a rare breed of men that have these traits. Too often, men are stereotyped as selfish and narcissistic beings. Did you know that a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is more commonly diagnosed in 50 to 70 percent of men?


By nature, many women like to “fix” their man, and they won’t have such a hard time influencing a man who is self-aware. If he knows his best and worst qualities, it means he’s open to change and improvement. This openness is a very important positive aspect of a relationship because there will be less friction, resistance, and arguments.


No matter how wonderful or great a guy is, the relationship might not work out if the two just don’t have chemistry and compatibility. Some couples might find chemistry after just one date. Generally, however, chemistry takes time to develop and could be a good predictor of the success in a relationship if given time to grow. This compatibility will fortify the relationship for the long term.


While good looks are subjective, any woman would want a man who’s presentable and who makes grooming and hygiene a priority. He might not necessarily wear the most expensive clothes, but he knows how to carry himself well physically. While this might be a superficial desire, a man’s physical presence can impress a woman, especially at the beginning of the dating phase. If he has a good physique, then it’s a plus. It means that the man is conscious of his health and appearance. After all, women also make an effort to look great to attract a man.


What woman doesn’t want a man who’s faithful and loyal, especially when the statistics of infidelitycontinue to rise? People who have been cheated on say that this is one of the most traumatic experiences to go through. No woman wants to be in this predicament, hence faithfulness in a man is a valuable trait.


Unlocking the mysteries of a woman can be challenging for any man. If you’re still in the dating phase, carefully go over these tips to help your chances with a girl. Slowly, you will learn to unlock the secrets of attracting women.

10 Honest Signs Indicating That Your Partner No Longer Loves You

Relationships are hard, and it is not every day that we come across people who have stuck together through thick and thin. Although you might want stability and a long time commitment from your partner, it might be the farthest thing from their mind. And so, if you feel yourself worrying about your partner’s love for you, these 10 signs might help clear up the picture a little. If you feel that you can observe these signs in your partner, better to talk this through with them right away, instead of making horrible scenarios in your own head.

1. You feel that they no longer try to show you how much they love you.

Even though it is not common to have the same exaggerated gestures of first love, still complete and utter change is also not acceptable.

2. It seems that they always have something or the other occupying their mind.

Be it in the movies or your own home, you can feel that they are physically present and that’s about it. Instead of engaging with you and talking to you they are constantly preoccupied.

3. There have been quite a few awkward silences lately.

Not the kind where both of you are content in being around each other without speaking. But rather where you feel there is no point in talking because they won’t care.

4. They are constantly criticizing you and putting the blame on you for everything that goes wrong.

Instead of constructive criticism, now it seems like they are just too tired and can’t tolerate your mistakes anymore.

5. They also don’t support you.

You find yourself on your own in the best of the situations. And the worst case scenario is them being rude and annoyed at everything that you say or do.

6. They are spending an increasing amount of time in being away from home.

It is like those business trips and pool game with the boys are never going to end. And they never include you. If they are maintaining distance from you that means that they are slowly getting over you.

7. They never include you in their plans, whether short term or long term.

You are partners, this should imply that you undertake things together, but somehow they always forget to include you.

8. They no longer respect you and are often mean and disdainful towards you.

They no longer are for you and thus don’t mind how cruel and harsh their words would be for you. If they are constantly making you feel worthless, then it is definitely not healthy.

9. They no longer respond to you or give explanations for their erratic behavior.

They don’t care whether it makes you angry or sad; they no longer care about your mental peace and the stability of your relationship.

10. You find yourself hurting a lot more than you should and you hate yourself for not doing anything about it.

If you find yourself in such a conundrum it is best to figure all this out before it gets to you.


1. He is just looking for a friend.

It’s always normal for a man to seek friendships outside of a marriage. You can’t really fault him for that. In fact, toy should be afraid if he doesn’t have friends beyond just the two of you. However, the risk you run with letting him develop friendships with others is that he might develop romantic feelings for certain “friends” as well.

2. He is too immature to get serious.

He might be married to you; but maybe he hasn’t really matured enough to the point of fully grasping the responsibility of being in a committed relationship. He might not have known what he was getting himself into when he married you; and as result, he acts out. He freaks out because he still wants to explore and discover more about himself in the dating world. Maybe you rushed into the marriage.

3. He is attracted to what he can’t have.

A lot of men are like this. In fact, a vast majority of men live for the thrill of the chase. And once they get something that they’ve always wanted, they get bored. And this might be the case with the two of you. maybe he loves the challenge of having to have a relationship with someone outside of the marriage. Maybe he’s bored of having already gotten you.

4. He likes women who are positive and happy.

Not to say that you’re not allowed to be sad in your relationship from time to time; but it’s a huge factor. All of that negative energy can have very bad impacts on him as a person. He might not like the negative relationship environment and so he will force himself to seek happiness and positivity in other women instead.

5. He wants something new to break the monotony.

Yes, there is such a thing as having TOO MUCH stability in a relationship. He might be a drama queen on the inside and he hates the fact that your marriage is too safe and easy. He might start looking for affairs just to shake things up a little bit; to add more excitement into your lives.

6. He isn’t happy with you.

Maybe he thinks he just made a mistake. It happens. Perhaps the marriage has failed to meet his expectations and he doesn’t feel fulfilled at all. Maybe he’s just trying to make the most out of an unfortunate situation by staying married to you; but seeking love and meaning elsewhere.

7. He feels undervalued and underappreciated in the marriage.

Perhaps you aren’t giving him the gratitude and appreciation that he needs to feel secure in your marriage; and as a result, he’s going to look for it in someone else. And it’s unfortunate if he happens to find a woman who is willing to give him those things.


Love is the most powerful force in the world. It can make you happy. It can make you cry. It can make you do things you never imagined. There’s nothing quite as thrilling as falling in love. Nevertheless, staying in love like is not easy, and it requires a bigger effort.

Nowadays, many couples search ways how to breathe new life into their relationship, preserve the love and make it last longer. If you’re doing the same too, you needn’t look any further. The tips below aren’t complicated at all and if used correctly they’re very effective in helping you achieve a long-lasting relationship.

1. Giving Compliments to Each Other

Giving a compliment to your partner and receiving one back is always a good idea because you’re basically telling them how you feel about them. Truly complimenting their abilities, integrity and judgment will really boost their morale. So, do it more frequently!

2. Having Sex-Related Conversations

Having sex and talking about sex are two very different things. According to science, talking about it increases the passion of the relationship and makes it last longer.

3. Flirting More Often

Regardless of how long you two are together, flirting is a crucial part of a relationship. Since the relationship started with it, why not continue doing it?

4. Doing Weird Things Together

You may not believe this, but couples who do weird things together are the happiest. This makes the relationship stronger probably because they can be their true selves and finally stop being guarded.

5. Having Double Dates

Going on a double date can definitely improve your relationship. When you’re talking about your love life, you’re actually strengthening the relationship and make it last longer.

6. Celebrating Meaningful Dates

Celebrating dates that mean to you both, such as anniversary and birthdays is an essential element of any healthy and long-lasting relationship.

7. Hugging and Holding each Other Tightly in a Non-Sexual Manner

Showing affection in a non-sexual way can be really nice on its own and intensify your relationship at the same time. When you have a desire to have sexual intercourse try not to touch each other always.

8. Making Some Time For Your Partner Every Day

As the years go by, our schedules become very crowded. But, no matter how busy you are, try to make some time for your partner during each day. It gets any relationship back on track.

9. Snuggles And Cuddles At Night

There’s nothing better than sweet snuggling and cuddling with your significant other at night. If you’re not doing it, you’re a fool!

10. Kissing More Often Like It’s The First Time

When a couple is together for a long time, they might neglect kissing. If that’s the case with you, make sure to change that and do it as much as possible as it can bring you closer as a couple.

11. Not Holding Grudges For Too Long

As might be expected, holding grudges is harmful to any relationship. Therefore, you shouldn’t hold grudges for too long and instead try to let things go and make them as clear as possible.


When things start to go down in a relationship, women are more often blamed about it than men. And if the man is unable to please a woman, he will become extremely insulted when confronted about it. However, if you don’t talk about the issues in the relationship you can’t expect them to solve on their own. This is why women need to speak up about the mistakes their partners often make in bed.

Women are all about the romantic environment. It is not necessary to always set a romantic environment but it is a good idea to do it sometimes, making things more exciting.

2. Skipping Foreplay

Foreplay is really important to women. They get relaxed and feel comfortable with their partners.

3. Getting Hasty

Excitement is important but women hate it when men get a bit too hasty. They feel violated when men move too fast without understanding her needs.

4. Ignoring Her Body Language

Most women are shy to speak out. But their body language reveals everything and they hate it when men completely ignore it even if she is giving clear signs.

5. Being Too Quiet

Most women like it when men are a little loud in bed. And they like it when they make the right amount of noise.

6. Listening

It’s important to listen to what your partner wants and let your partner know what you want.

7. She’s Not Done When You Are Done

Most men assume that when they are done, their partner is satisfied too. But that is rarely the case.

8. Not Understanding The Body

Women have a sensitive body and do not find it pleasing when they’re treated harshly.

9. Erogenous Zone

Men usually don’t fully understand women’s bodies. It is always important to learn the erogenous zones.

10. Wanting to Try too Many Things

Yes, women do love an adventurous side in men but when it gets too much, it’s just exhausting and not fun.

11. Awkward Kissing

Passionately kissing is fine, but getting all sloppy during it is complete turn off.

12. Thinking Women Parts Are The Same As Men

Women and men are very different and have different bodies. And they need to be treated differently else it’s just uncomfortable.

13. Being Too Bossy

You can tell her how you want things, but being bossy is never the answer.

14. Forcing Your Likes And Dislikes

Women hate it when men force their likes and dislikes on them. Your favorite position might be uncomfortable for her.

15. Talk To Each Other

Women feel comfortable when men talk to them openly about the experience. It increases the intimacy and relaxes both partners.


What do we know about men? They will always help a damsel in distress; they love football; most of them are exquisitely handsome with a beard. And that’s it — at least according to most girls.

It may sound unexpected, but they don’t always want to be at the head of things, making serious decisions and being responsible for the consequences. Now and then, men just want to have some time for themselves to enjoy moments of peace and quiet.

Men think globally. Just accept it, and don’t try to make them pay attention to little details. Maybe you should even follow their example because women often concentrate on trifles too much, which takes away all the joy from a situation as a whole.

Can you imagine that men don’t actually spend each minute of their lives thinking about how to pay the mortgage, provide for their family, or save the world? It turns out they quite often think of some nonsense.

​​​​​​Men are involuntary victims of the hero image created for them by modern society. It compels them to keep a straight face in any circumstances, which is hard because they fear the unknown as much as anyone, doubting their decisions and worrying.

A man will always stare, evaluating a passing pretty lady. Mankind exists, in fact, thanks to man’s ability to appraise women by their looks, choosing the best one to become the mother of his children. It’s in their nature, and it can’t be avoided.

Men need emotional support as much as women — it’s important for anyone, anywhere. The hectic pace of today’s life and emotional stress don’t make any difference between genders.